Chronicle 2.0

A lot has changed over the summer: the world bid farewell to the biggest pop idol it’s ever seen, we mourned the loss of Ted Kennedy, the heart of the Democratic Party, and The Chronicle received what is arguably the biggest facelift in its history.

So let’s talk about the changes you’ll find in The Chronicle this year. Just like everyone in this country, we’ve been affected by the recession. Where some deal in stocks and bonds, The Chronicle deals in paper and ink. As local businesses cut back and spend less on advertising, we respond by tightening our belt too. To that end, The Chronicle will now more nearly resemble something you would pick up at a newsstand; primarily, there are three pull out sections that help make the paper more digestible for all of you.

But the biggest change you’ll see with The Chronicle can’t be found in the paper itself. Thanks to the indispensible help and support of school Web Manager Lillian Contreras and Jake Staahl ’10 we constructed a cutting edge website which we believe will meet your evolving needs.

You can expect to see video features of some of the most important and interesting events around campus, starting with the football’s preparation for last Friday’s game. You’ll get web exclusives and staff blogs about local issues and the world at large.

We now have a Twitter you can follow in addition to an RSS feed and a Facebook application. On our website, you can browse through online print editions of The Chronicle, as we now have PDF’s available to view without download. We’re excited about these changes and welcome your input.

When we began our ground-up redesign, we tried to create a user-friendly product that you will enjoy using. So take a look at and let us know what you think.

Our paper is your paper, so give us a Tweet sometime. 

—Sam Adams ’10 and Hana Al-Henaid ’10