Being a band aide

By Alex Edel

Gaby Leslie ’10 spent the summer interning at two local music groups, FMLY and Tightrope.

FMLY is a group formed by Los Angeles locals aiming to change the way that the Los Angeles music scene works.

The group books shows in alternative venues and also produces.

A typical day at FMLY would include corresponding with people via email, thinking up new ideas for shows and sitting in on meetings to take notes for her employer. Leslie got involved with FMLY by keeping her ears open and saw that they needed interns.

“I was a frequenter of FMLY shows, and I’ve wanted to get involved for a while, so I went in for an interview and was accepted,” she said.

Leslie also worked at Tightrope, a street-marketing and promotions group for bands, founded by a group of five friends.

She got this job by chatting with two members of the team at a booth set up at a show. She gave them her information and e-mailed them asking to intern. They accepted and she began to work for them as well.

“With Tightrope, we would all meet up for an afternoon and go over all the upcoming events and brainstorm how to make them great, as well as doing some budgeting and deciding what is a realistic goal,” Leslie said. “It is all just a matter of knowing what you want to do and then taking initiative.”

“I hope to pursue a career involved in music in some way, whether it is the business end of things, such as starting a promotions group of my own, or is a more creative path, such as a producer or performer myself,” Leslie said. “We’ll see where things take me.”