Kutcher returns to coaching

By Jonah Rosenbaum

Ashton Kutcher’s appearing as a member of the coaching staff at Friday night’s intraquad scrimmage contradicted a Los Angeles Times story which cited Athletic Director Terry Barnum as saying “as of right now,” Kutcher would not be coming back because of promotional commitments for his new movie “Spread”. Both Head Coach Vic Eumont and Assistant Scott Wood, said Kutcher would definitely be back.

“He may miss two or three weeks because of his movie, but then he will be back here coaching,” Eumont said. “He lives his life just like the rest of us, and his just happens to be a lot fuller,” he said.

Kutcher’s decision to come back will benefit the freshman team, and in particular the linebackers, Eumont said.

“Once he started coming, he really fit in with the staff and the players,” Eumont said.