Chronicle earns All-American status from NSPA

By Judd Liebman

Last year’s Chronicle earned All-American status with five Marks of Distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association for the 18th consecutive year. The Chronicle has maintained its All American status for the past 18 years, adviser Kathy Neumeyer said.

This contest has been held every year in June since 1912. Open to any high school in the U.S. and other countries, NSPA judges newspapers and news magazines based on leadership, effectiveness as a conveyor of news, adhering to standards, laws, and ethics, and adapting skills outlined in writing manuals and handbooks. One judge grades each paper on all of the above sections and gives them a score. In addition to this score, the publication can earn a “Mark of Distinction.” The Chronicle earned these Marks in all five categories judged. In order to achieve All American status, a newspaper must earn 2,900-4,000 points.

With a total score of 3,450, the Chronicle received a perfect score in Student Work and near-perfect scores in other categories.

The Middle School newsmagazine, The Spectrum, received First Class (2,900-4,000 points with 0-3 marks of distinction).

Spectrum adviser Stephen Chae said he was “so proud of what the Spectrum achieved last year.”