School launches online application

By Alec Caso

A new online application has become available for students wishing to apply to Harvard-Westlake. In lieu of sending applications to potential students, the school now has an online application that will take the place of the paper version. The enrollment process has also been incorporated into the online program.

The program has been employed by three families and 60 families are in the process of completing their applications. The setup of the application is very simple; the families fill out the six steps of the application and are finished when a green check appears on screen. As of yet there have been no problems with the program.

“Most of all, it’s a much greener, leaner and more modern way to do things,” Davin Bergquist, Associate Director of Admissions, said.

They started development last April; the application was developed by Alan Homan, Computer Services, and his team of Lillian Contreras, Derek Jackson and Joey Navarro.

The program will also have a guide that is available in Spanish for families that speak Spanish at home.

“Many students in Los Angeles are bilingual – they speak Spanish at home even though they speak English fluently at school. In some cases, their parents speak little or no English. Having these materials available makes it easier and less intimidating for those families, and also affirms our attitude of openness and accommodation,” Bergquist said.

The program also has a brochure that will be handed out during the upcoming application cycle. It will act as an overview to introduce applicants to the program.