7th graders design computer games

By Camille de Ry

Marko Fezjo ’15 and Ethan Gruman ’15 are designing personalized computer games.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s hospital and other charities.

Fezjo and Gruman are taking games such as Brick Breaker, Platform, Planet Defender and Ship Shooter and making it possible for individual gamers to customize them.

Gamers will be asked for personal information such as their name, school, pet peeve, favorite and least favorite foods, favorite sports and favorite music, and these elements will be factored into the graphics, sounds and scenarios in each game.

“Marko and his mom thought of this idea a long time ago, but we never really started it until a few months ago,” Gruman said. “We’ve had other ideas like this before, but we really never carried them through.”

The two seventh graders have named their enterprise Duckamation Games.

They began programming the games last month, using the programming software Multimedia Fusion, and they hope to start an website soon to advertise and sell their games.

“It occurred to us that we could ask other people for ideas and then we thought we could personalize the game and make it into a business,” Gruman said.

Gruman and Fezjo will start small by offering limited amounts of games.

When the demand for their games goes up, they plan to hire some help and start broadening the choices of the games, Gruman said.

They plan to sell their games for $8 to $15.

Each game’s price will vary, depending on how many different levels it has and how much time and programming went into it.

Some levels will cost an additional $0.50 to $2.50. Multiplayer games will also be available.