Student radio station to begin broadcasting

By Austin Block

KIIS FM, Star 98.7, KROQ and Jack FM are familiar names to music loving students who listen to the radio.

If a group of middle school students continue in the direction they are moving, the name In-House Radio could join that group.

These students are working to create a middle school radio station that could broadcast a variety of programs, including talk shows, game shows and student music.

The station also hopes to broadcast music by “bands jumping for any debut,” Chief of Public Relations Daniel Palumbo ’14 said.

“We are currently planning on a podcast format, which will be available from iTunes and other providers, but … it is still too soon to tell,” Palumbo said.

The faculty advisors for the station are English teacher Jordan Ethe and science teachers David Fromme and Colby Genrich.

“The idea came from the childhood aspiration of one of our sponsors, Mr. Ethe, yet grew to be an actual project only with the overwhelming enthusiasm and support of the student body,” Palumbo said.

“I’ve always loved music and the platonic idea of a radio station,” Ethe said.

The students have created an executive board, of which Sam Wolk ’13 is president.

“Aside from our weekly meeting, the executive board works every day to run the organization and get the ball rolling,” Palumbo said.

“All of our members have brought the same respect and determination to the station that they would bring to any other class,” he said.

Palumbo said they hope to begin broadcasting by December, or possibly even earlier, but they don’t yet know for sure.

“Everyone works to fulfill their duty and produce material for all to enjoy, and we are confident we shall do just that,” Palumbo said.

“Aside from the three faculty sponsors, it is entirely student-run,” Palumbo said. “From the everyday upkeep to the financial work to the actual broadcasting, all of it is done by dedicated students.”

Ethe said what he likes most about the project is “the initial level of excitement and the promise of continued commitment.”

“We aim to produce high-caliber material that will appeal to both the student body and the faculty, and judging from feedback I have received, everyone is very excited about the station,” Palumbo said.

The student group meets once per week.