Seniors celebrate ring ceremony

By Vivien Mao and Lara Sokoloff

The beginning of the end came for all seniors when they stepped onto Ted Slavin Field at Ring Ceremony on Sept. 13.

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts read off the names of all the seniors as they shook hands with Hudnut and were presented with their senior class rings by Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra.

Senior Prefect Sylvia Gintowt-Gindick spoke first, welcoming all to share in the experience of their final year in high school.

Aarti Rao talked about Ring Ceremony and its purpose.

Senior Prefect Chase Morgan spoke on the meaning of the Harvard-Westlake crest, making his audience think and laugh all at once.

Then, Senior Prefect Jake Gutman started by saying, “Well that will be hard to follow,” then discussing the journey the class has taken together.

Finally, President Tomas C. Hudnut came to the podium. Looking behind him at the seniors, he began his speech on the importance of preserving tradition as well as proving oneself. He concluded by congratulating the senior class on a six years well spent, he concluded to a round of applause.

“[Ring Ceremony] is a link to the past,” Andrew Wang ’10 said. “It’s something that so many classes have done for so many years. It’s a ceremony that connects all graduating classes.”

“I didn’t really feel like senior year had started until ring ceremony,” Christine Byun ’10 said.

“It kicked off the senior year,” Eli Moghavem ’10 said. “It made us seniors and united us as a senior class.”

Jenna Hamburger ’10 and Talia Seehoff ’10 thought it was great to be a part of something that has been a tradition at Harvard-Westlake for so long.