Athletic Department chooses 12 new SAAC officers

By Vivien Mao

The 12 newly appointed members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council met for the first time to discuss the upcoming year on Oct. 5. For the first time, students were appointed by the faculty sponsors to council member positions.

Four athletes from each grade were appointed to serve for the year. These students will be responsible for student-athlete advocacy, athletic team support, and recommendations to the athletic department.

In an e-mail sent on Oct. 2, the student-athlete representatives were announced. Officers include sophomores Kristen Lee, Lauren Li, Katie Price, and Matthew Wolfen, juniors David Abergel, Chelsea Edwards, Joshua Kang, and Tiana Woolridge, and seniors Bridget Golob, Caroline Hartig, Elijah Lowenstein, and Alex Silverman.

The faculty members in charge are athletic directors Terence Barnum, Terry Elledge, Darlene Bible, and Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas.

“We are here to make sure that student-athletes have a balance between academics and athletics,” Wolfen said.

In order to be chosen to be a representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Council, students had to be in good academic standing and on a sports team at Harvard-Westlake.

“We’re here to help [student athletes] out,” Woolridge said.