Girls play football in Friday afternoon powder puff game

By Austin Block

Nine girls got the chance to throw a spiral, sprint for a touchdown, or reel in a pass on Ted Slavin Field after school in the annual Powder Puff football game on Friday, Oct 2.

Greg Comanor ’10 and Andrew Goldberg ’10 organized the event through Facebook, and the two of them along with a few other football players helped facilitate the informal game.

The game was two-hand touch and played on half of the field.

The football players sometimes played quarterback and strategized with and coached their teams.

“There were only a few people but it was really fun because the people that did it really, really had fun,” Comanor said.

“I was sore for days,” player Cindy Ok ’10 said.

“It wasn’t as amazing as we thought because it was not as many people as the football team wanted but it was funny,” Catie Yagher ’10 said.

“It was hilarious because we all fell and tried to tackle each other and it didn’t work out.”

She said her favorite part was “probably practicing….before and trying to teach Dani Wright ’10 how to catch a football.”