Girls’ tennis captures Mission League title

By Ashley Khakshouri

Girls’ tennis ended the season as league champions after outplaying Flintridge Sacred Heart on Wednesday. The team’s league record is 10-0 and it’s overall record is 14-2, an improvement from last year when the team finished with a 12-7 record.

The team has been practicing three hours Monday through Thursday since August. Their practice includes match play and specific foot work for each player.

The Wolverines beat rival Chaminade twice on the way to their undefeated league record.

“The team has a structured workout made by the coaches of a pre-warm up and warm up that helps us prepare for the matches. The training focuses on net game especially for doubles,” Alanna Klein ’11 said.

Luna Ikuta ’11 believes that a lot of the improvement was not only due to the extensive conditioning but also the connection the team shared.

“The team bonded more and that helped us support each other and therefore we were able to dominate this year’s league. Everyone worked really hard and added additional talent to the team,” said Ikuta.

Captain Nicole Hung ’10 agrees that their team chemistry was great.

“Everyone was into it this season and put forth a lot of effort. Since we have a young team, we improved as each girl got more experience,” Hung said.
Hung recalls the best moments of the season as beating Chaminade and winning league. The girls beat Chaminade 10-8 Oct. 6 and 12-6 on Oct. 22.

The freshman singles players that assisted the team in getting so far are Savannah de Montesquiou ’13 and Kristina Park ’13.

“Our doubles has a lot of depth and Park got pulled up from the JV team. She’s really helped us,” Hung said.

League Individuals started Nov. 6. Two doubles teams and two singles players competed. The doubles teams were Hung and Heller, and Goldberg and Taylor Coon ’12. The singles players were de Montesquiou and Park. Park lost Friday to a Notre Dame player.

On Nov. 9, the girls played the individual finals where Heller and Hung played against teammates Coon and Goldberg. Heller and Hung beat out Coon and Goldberg 6-0, 6-3. De Montesquiou also lost today against a player from Chaminade.

Heller, Hung, Coon, Goldberg and de Montesquiou will continue on to play in individual CIFs because they both placed top two in league.

After an undefeated league run, the team is hoping to continue their winning streak in the upcoming CIF playoffs, which start tomorrow at Weddington Golf and Tennis.

“To prepare for CIF we’re hitting a lot more on the weekends and setting up practice matches to play,” Hung said.

The team’s goal is to reach the quarter finals and hopefully win and go on to the semi finals, Kei Goldberg ’12 said. She believes the team needs to work hard, stick together, and communicate well in order to fulfill these goals.

“All of our hard work this season has finally paid off and we finally have the opportunity to go up against the best teams,” singles player Melissa Gertler ’11 said.