Students, faculty, parents donate blood

By Lauren Choi


The UCLA Blood and Platelet Center ran a blood drive on Thursday in the student lounge. A total of 65 students, parents, and faculty members donated blood.

Assistant to the President of Harvard-Westlake Ann-Marie Whitman said that this blood drive was an easy and painless way for many people to be able to save lives.

Each pint of blood that is donated is broken up into three parts: red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Platelets are donated to cancer patients, and plasma is given to burn patients.

The blood is going to the patients at the UCLA hospital, which is one of only a few trauma centers left in Southern California, and is always in dire need of blood.

The hospital treats over 4,000 patients annually. In their lifetime, 90 percent will need a blood product.

Whitman encouraged people to donate because “as a donor, in 45 minutes to one hour we can complete the process and donate a pint of blood that can save lives.

“Secondly, hospitals couldn’t do all the surgeries that they need to do unless they have a good supply of blood,” Whitman said. “This includes routine and elective surgery and surgery to keep up with advancing medical technology.”

“I think it is good karma. Putting your blood out there is good because you never know when a loved one will need it,” Deans’ Office Coordinator Ryan Wilson said.

Members of the Harvard-Westlake community were eligible to donate blood if they were 17 or older.

Food and drinks were provided for donors to raise their blood sugar levels after donating.

Chelsea McMahon ’10 gives blood every three months, so Thursday’s drive seemed routine.

“It’s good to help people and it makes you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you get free food afterwards,” McMahon said.