Deans start college scavenger hunt


By Alex Leichenger

The deans instituted a “College Knowledge” scavenger hunt for this year’s junior class in an effort to make the college research process more informative and enjoyable.

The scavenger hunt was assigned Tuesday of the week before Thanksgiving break. Students in teams of two or three were required to answer 40 questions pertaining to dozens of schools.

The questions varied in difficulty, from naming the schools in the Pacific 10 conference to questions that required more than just a Google search.

“One of the big goals was to have [the juniors] understand all the different ways there are to research schools,” Bird said.

Another goal was to help students identify lesser-known schools or programs at schools.

Weeklong senior privileges were awarded to the team from each dean group that answered the most questions correctly.

In past years, juniors put together PowerPoint presentations about the different types of colleges and universities, such as the University of California schools or small liberal arts colleges.

“Some kids would just go scan a page from the Fiske [Guide to Colleges],” Bird said.

“We wanted to force them to do something that would actually force them to be more proactive and not passive.”