Q&A with senior boys’ basketball Captain Erik Swoope

Q: After winning CIF last year, what were the goals for this year?
A: Since we have a lot of returning seniors and our starting five is the exact same, we’re looking to build on last year’s success and take the next step towardmaking a run at the state championship. I think there is no reason this group can’t have the same success we had last year.

Q: How would you evaluate the team’s performance so far?
A: So far we have had plenty of ups and downs, even though it’s early in the year. At times we look like that dominant team from last year that played so well, but at other moments we have mental lapses. I think we are okay for where we are but we need to tighten up some of those mental lapses and mistakes we’ve been making.

Q: What does the team need to do to perform better and consistent?
A: We just have to keep practicing. We really haven’t had a whole lot of practicing time and injuries have taken away a lot of key players. Once we get those guys back we will be able to keep developing that team harmony on the court.

Q: What does being a team captain mean to you?
A: Being team captain gives me an opportunity to lead and help take my guys to the promised land. I’ve been on varsity for four years now and being captain allows me to share that knowledge with the team.

Q: Are you being recruited? By what schools?
A: Utah, UNLV, Washington State and Harvard are currently showing the most interest in me. UCLA has also shown some interest.

Q: What are your personal goals for this season?
A: Personally, my only goals are to help the team in any way I can. I’m not a guy who is just going to go gunning for his points or try and be a superstar, I just want to do whatever I can every night to help us win.

Q: How are you trying to improve?
A: I’m working on 15 feet shooting, defending and overall court vision to make a transition into more of a small forward.