Huston takes leave of absence after head injury


By Alex Leichenger

Eighth grade Dean Rod Huston is taking an indefinite leave of absence due to a head injury he suffered on the school’s Mammoth Mountain trip over semester break.

Huston slipped on a patch of ice in a parking lot at Mammoth Mountain and hit his head, according to a letter sent to middle school parents.

Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said she has spoken to Huston, who is out of the hospital, as recently as last week.

She said she plans to speak to him again in the next several days to get a sense of how long he will need to remain home.

Huybrechts, who was also in Mammoth at the time, is legally prohibited from discussing the exact nature of Huston’s injury, but said Huston was taken to the hospital with a “suspected concussion.”

The injury is not terribly serious and Huston is expected to make a full and complete recovery in time, Huybrechts said.

“He’s okay, but he’s taking some time off,” she said.

While Huston is on leave, fellow eighth grade dean Karen Wareham, the seventh and ninth grade deans and other faculty members will pitch in to cover his responsibilities, Huybrechts said.

Math teacher Matthew Maring will teach Huston’s Algebra II: Grade 8 course.