Girls’ soccer claims best league record

By Austin Block

Last year, the girls’ varsity soccer team won the Southern California Division II Regional Championship but failed to take the league title, coming in third behind Chaminade and Flintridge Sacred Heart in the Mission League and also losing to Notre Dame. This year, with the playoffs around the corner, the team has compiled a 7-1-1 league record and is in 2nd place in league, fighting with Flintridge Sacred Heart, which has a 7-0-3 league record, for the league title.

If the team wins its last game, it will capture the league title. However, the game is at Chaminade, and the Wolverines have not defeated Chaminade on the road in three years.

“I am extremely pleased with how the team has done so far this season,” Head Coach Richard Simms said, with three games left in the season. “We have only lost one game, and we’ve been exceptionally consistent.”

“Our only loss was to Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, and even in that game, I thought we played well and played very hard,” Simms said. “Usually in soccer it’s hard to bring the same effort and enthusiasm every night, but so far we’ve done a good job of that. We have a very hard working team.”

“I can honestly say that this may be the best team chemistry I’ve ever witnessed,” Simms said. “Last year’s team got along really well, and we’ve had some great groups before, but this team is the best in that regard. All the girls really like each other, and we have a great time together.”

Haley Boysen ’10 leads the team in scoring with 14 goals and 34 points. Danielle Duhl ’12 has seven goals and 20 points and Cami Chapus ’12 has five goals and 14 points. Goalkeeper Rebecca Magier ’12 has made 142 saves so far this season and let in 13 goals all season.

The team has an overall record of 15-1-3 and defeated San Clemente 3-0, who Simms said was ranked third in the country (at the time of the match) by ESPN Rise and won the Division I Southern California regional championship last year.

“Beating them so handily was a huge statement for our program,” Simms said.

Simms said the team’s mental strength has improved over the course of the season.

“We were a little bit sloppy at the beginning of league and we’ve really tightened things up mentally and managed to maintain our intensity from start tofinish in games which is crucial in the playoffs as one slip can send you home,” Simms said.

The team will start CIF play on Feb. 19 or 20. The Wolverines and Flintridge Sacred Heart could possibly meet in the CIF championship game.

“Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy have a very, very good team this year. It’s easily the best team we played all year and they seem to have had our number so far,” Simms said. “If we want to beat them we will have to be physically stronger and tougher as that’s an area they definitely dominated us in.”