CalHiSports names Hung State Player of Week

By Alex Edel

Nicole Hung ’10 was named state athlete of the week on January 30 for her performance both on and off the court.

CalHiSports, in alliance with Rise Magazine, chooses the athletes who it feels are the best male and female athletes of the week in California.

“I was notified after practice a couple weeks ago,” Hung said. “Coach Hearlihy came up to me and told me that a writer from ESPN Rise/Calhisports would be calling me the next morning before school to interview me.”

Part of this interview included questions like who is her favorite athlete to which she responded “Tennis player James Blake,” and what were her three tips for youngsters to which she answered “Work hard, study hard and play hard. Make sacrifices in other areas of your life, and step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

One of the games that helped CalHiSports choose Hung was the game against Division I team Chatsworth in a 70-67 victory, where Hung scored 24 points and had 12 rebounds.

She has scored a total of 422 points this season with an average of 16.9 points per game, and has a total of 230 total rebounds this season.

“What Nicole has done this year which she did not do in past years is become a great offensive rebounder for us. She leads us in offensive rebounds two fold. A lot of the nights when she is not hitting her outside shots she is going in and getting rebounds,” Coach Melissa Hearlihy said.

Hung will play with the team in their last league game tomorrow against Flintridge Sacred Heart.

“I am very appreciative of and humbled by the recognition that the site has given me,” Hung said. “There are so many outstanding high school athletes in California, so being singled out makes me feel extremely lucky and gracious at the same time.”