JV Roundup: Girls Soccer

By Judd Liebman


The JV girls’ soccer team’s season came to a close on Feb. 10 with an away game against Chaminade. Finishing with a strong overall record of 10-6-1 and a league record of 6-3-1, the team had to push through a couple of obstacles on and off the field, Head Coach Dave Copeland-Smith said.

“The season was really successful even though we had a few defensive and trust issues to overcome, but we pushed through and finished strongly,” Copeland-Smith said.

The team’s transformation occurred through new practice efforts and training regiments. Copeland-Smith believes that good playing on the field is a result of strong practice methods and mental focus.

“Getting the girls to believe in themselves and keeping that mental focus was important to our success,” Copeland-Smith said.

The team really benefited from the practice sessions not only regarding their skills, but also their team dynamic Nicole Hirschhorn ’12 said.

“The practices have really brought our team together as a whole,” Hirschhorn said.