Q&A with senior girls’ basketball captain Nicole Hung

Q: What do you think has helped you get this far as a team?
A: I think we’re really cohesive this year and we really have good chemistry on and off the court. I think having eight seniors on the team really matured [the squad] People have assumed bigger leadership roles.

Q: Has there been a specific moment when you felt the team came together and bonded or played really well?
A: Well we played Bishop Montgomery for the first time in CIF finals and we weren’t playing well at all. That was the second time we had been down the whole season at the half. Even though we didn’t play our best we still willed out the win. But then two games later we played St. Josephs and that was probably our best overall performance the whole year. To bounce back from playing so poorly only two games later really showed our maturity.

Q: You have had less than a week in between state regionals and finals, How do you personally deal with the physical stress?
A: Yeah, it’s been an extremely long season but our bench is pretty deep this year so that’s really helped. In the past the starters had to play 30 minutes out of the 32, but now we can get quick breaks and the subs can go in and do a good job. We trust them.

Q: What do you think has been your most fun or best high school basketball memory?
A: Actually there have been too many good basketball memories but the most recent one was probably meeting Bell Jeff at home. I mean the whole season has just been good but our tournament to Arizona was probably the most fun off the court.

Q: After the season ends, what are you planning to do before you go to college and start playing?
A: I just have to get in really good shape. I’m probably going to be playing in a spring league and summer league for college players and high school seniors who are going to be freshmen next year and then just getting stronger physically and getting in better condition.

Q: What about Princeton’s basketball team drew you to the school?
A: I’ve always liked the underdog and they’re on the rise right now. They just made it to tournament and lost but they got an 11 seed which is the highest seed an Ivy team has ever gotten, and that all started this year. Last year they were 14 and 14 and this year they are 26 and 3 so they’re definitely on the rise and kind of an underdog.