Athletic Department issues fall plans for school training


SPORTS RE-ZOOM: Students wait near Ted Slavin Field in these chosen spots on the track before getting checked in for a day of practice. Credit: Ethan Lachman/Chronicle

Ben Jacoby

The school will restart phase one of after school athletic activity after gaining approval from both the state and county health departments. Starting in early July, athletics began on campus, but after a change in local health guidelines, all sports were required to stop.

Though athletics were suspended at the end of July, they are now allowed to restart with the permission of the health department. Athletic Director Terry Barnum said he and his team feel prepared to resume in-person activities.


“We had successfully had practices for two weeks, however, due to a change in local health guidelines, we had to shut it down,” Barnum said. “Now, those guidelines have been lifted, and we are now okay to restart athletic activities following our strict safety guidelines.”

In a virtual town hall Aug. 20, the school athletic department introduced its  plan to safely restart athletic activities. Head of Communications and Strategic Initiatives Ari Engelberg said there will be rigorous safety regulations in place when students arrive for practice.

“Masks will be required at all times with exception being specific permission given from coaches, social distancing will be enforced at all times and all activities will take place outdoors,” Engelberg said. “We will also require everyone to complete a health screening questionnaire the morning before practice to ensure everybody is safe.”