Finishing Touches

Chronicle Staff

By Joyce Kim

The Senior Art Show, which features all seniors in Advanced Drawing and Painting III and AP Studio Art, opened Monday in Feldman-Horn Gallery.

Each artist had to decide on a concentration or theme to tie their pieces together throughout the entire year.

The show is a culmination of the seniors’ bodies of work.

“The seniors show mostly their concentrations, sometimes adding pieces they did previous to their concentration in the show,” painter Caroline Hartig ’10 said. “My concentration is titled ‘Inner Portraits’, and I painted my friends, family and myself. I chose it because I love portraiture, and there was so much I could say about each person.”

Emma Weinman ’10, an AP Studio Art student, chose “Frame of Mind” as her theme.

“I’ve always been really interested in portraiture and the inherent expressiveness of a face and wanted to explore that, so I used the people I know best, family and friends, and tried to show who they are to me through their portraits,” she said. “I put them all in different ‘frames’ as if they were hanging in someone’s living room.”

Drawing and Painting III student Olivia Van Iderstine ’10 is showing pieces centered on a circus theme.

“[The theme] began when Visual Arts teacher Marianne Hall learned that I performed in a circus over the summer,” she said. “I used circus as a visual metaphor and explored how life is a circus of fear, pride, relationships, et cetera.”

Each artist in Drawing and Painting III is required to finish six pieces by the end of the year, while each artist in AP Studio Art is required to complete 12.