There is much to celebrate

Chronicle Staff

Those of us who were on campus two years ago surely remember the parade following the girls’ volleyball team’s state championship. The team piled into red and black Mustang convertibles and received a heroine’s welcome on the fire road as confetti was thrown.

Everyone came together to cheer for our glory-gaining schoolmates.

Since that day we’ve had a handful of opportunities to come together and support the championships of our sports teams. The economy took a turn for the worse and the sports cars were abandoned in favor of Diddy Riese cookies, but the important thing was that everyone took some time out of their day to stop and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

At the Champions Day last week in the lounge, we had plenty to celebrate. There were the athletic teams that covered themselves in glory, as we’ve traditionally acknowledged in the past. Girls’ basketball deserves an enormous amount of credit for winning the state title last month. As does girls’ soccer, which won a CIF title after making it to the finals last year, as well as Nick Treuer ’10, who won a CIF championship in the 152-pound division.

But we did not stop there in our jubilation. The Chamber Singers marched in to a shower of confetti in honor of their victory at the National Invitational Choral Festival in New York City over spring break. Debaters Jake Sonnenberg ’11 and Ben Sprung-Keyser ’11 were called to the stage due to their international debating exploits. Even The Chronicle was celebrated as a result of being named the top California high school newspaper.

But let’s take it further. What about the Jazz Explorers and Advanced Jazz Combo taking first and second place in the Dos Pueblos Jazz Festival in March? Or the Olympic-caliber performance in more obscure sports of fencer Michael Raynis ’10 and diver Schuyler Moore ’10, to name a few? Everyone appreciates getting acknowledged for their hard work. In the competitive environment that is our school, let’s make sure to not lose sight of the fact that we’re surrounded by diligent people doing amazing things.

We would like to commend this new attitude of celebrating student accomplishments of all kinds, and it is not solely due to the fact that this editorial board is largely deficient in athletic ability. We do not need to spend the big bucks on convertibles; it’s the thought that counts—though the cookies don’t hurt, either.