Softball to battle series of league opponents

Chronicle Staff

By Alec Caso

The girls’ softball team has an overall record of 6-10. The Wolverines ended their season last year with an overall record of 11-13 and a season record of 3-7. This year the team has played three league games with a record of 1-2.

The Wolverines’ first league game was a close loss to Chaminade, 1-2. In their second game, however, the team scored a crushing 23-1 victory over Louisvill.

In addition to its league games, the team has participated in two tournaments, the Lancaster High Desert Tournament and the Charter Oak Tournament. In the Lancaster High Desert Tournament the team had two wins and two losses winning its first and last games.

In the more recent Charter Oak Tournament, over the weekend of April 17, the team had three loses and one win. After losing their first two games to Charter Oak and Saint Lucy, the team beat Monrovia 5-1. The team lost its final game to Ontario Christian 6-4.

“We have a chance for CIF if we focus,” catcher Emilia Louy ’11 said.

The team played a 3:45 p.m. league game yesterday against Flintridge at Los Angeles Valley College. The team will play its next league game against Chaminade tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. also at Los Angeles Valley College.