Prefect Council Elected for thet 2010-2011 term

Chronicle Staff

The Chronicle asked the recently elected representatives for the classes of 2011 and 2012 to describe how they hoped to make a difference.

Christine Kanoff ’11

“We are all tired of reading 10 e-mails a week, and one weekly newsletter with all the information and reminders for the upcoming week would address this problem.”

Austin Lewis ’11

“I would like to send a weekly e-mail from the Prefect Council that would let the different grades know in which venues their class meetings are as well as changes to the schedule.” 

Jamie Temko ’11

“I’ve learned from Social Committee that you don’t need a big event to bring the campus together. I think that more days where we recognize things other than sports teams should be good.”

Adam Wolf ’11

“My first goal is to get water, candy and soda back in the cafeteria. my second priority is to give students a bigger voice in the decision making process.”

Rishi Bagrodia ’12 

“I still plan on having a Call of Duty day and chess tournament in the future. I would go to Social Committee to help me think of an idea that would increase awareness and participation.”

Brooke Levin ’12

“A big part of [Fun on the Field] would be input from the students, because it is an event for them. things like slip n’ slides, obstacle courses and water slides could be involved.”

David Olodort ’12

“If I can understand how our prefect council works I can then best serve my peers and friends in accomplishing what they want done. my priority would always be the goals of the students.”

Katie Price ’12

“The eighth grade retreat is somewhat useless. Junior year is more important to bond with the class. We could come up with an inexpensive, yet still enjoyable place for us to go.”