My senior year checklist

by Alex Edel

Prom. The most stereotypical American high school experience. When I told a friend about my prom I said it was OK, but that I was kind of glad that it was over. He responded by saying “Well at least you can check off one more thing on the list of things you have ’till you graduate! You are almost done.” I was a little taken aback by this response, mostly because I realized that it is completely true. Everything in the last year has been hurried and rushed through in order to reach the elusive finish line of graduation. I have not really cared about the actual events but more just finishing them in order to be closer to June 11.

Everything that I have done in senior year has just been another box ticked in the list of things that a typical American high school senior completes. I had fun at Prom but was almost relieved when it was over. My last high school swim meet was fun but I felt no significance when it was over. Every time I finished another one of the senior “rites of passages” I felt a significant lack of climax. I realized that I have been just going through the motions of finishing up my high school career.

I wish that instead of rushing through and just waiting for lockdown to end, that I would have taken more time and slowed down to have fun in my last school sponsored dance. As I watched some of the best swimmers in California compete at CIF, it felt no different from any other meet. When my dad came up to me at the end and said “How does it feel to have competed in your last high school swim meet?” I realized I didn’t know, and to be honest it did not feel any different.

Instead of experiencing everything for the last time, I have really just been waiting for these events to be over. I have come to this conclusion a bit late in the year as we now have just three weeks until graduation. In a way it does not feel like it is coming to an end, because I have treated the entire last year of high school like a check list, never pausing to look back and appreciate all the friends that I have made or to enjoy the senior specific events that are scattered throughout the year.

I know that this school has prepared me for college and of course, it has its pros and cons, but it has served me well. I regret that I have resisted many of the community aspects of this school, but vow that in the last three weeks I will make an effort to take part in these events. I am going to senior retreat and Grad Night.

Instead of just waiting for these events to be over so that I can be closer to graduation and leaving high school behind, I am going to have fun with my friends and enjoy the last few minutes of senior year. For all the underclassmen who can’t wait to be done with high school, take your time through senior year; it will go by faster than you know!