Dos Pueblos knocks volleyball out of CIF


By Judd Liebman

Despite a late win streak, the boys’ volleyball team was knocked out of the playoffs by Dos Pueblos in the first round. The early loss was both unexpected and an underachievement for the team, Matthew Goldhaber ’11 said.

The team lost the best-of-five in three close games.

“We were expecting to go farther. The game was away and they had the crowd on their side, it was a quite emotional game,” middle blocker Myles Teasley ’10 said. “The loss was disappointing. There were so many ways we would have won. We missed serves, couldn’t put the ball in away, and we made a lot of mistakes.”

The Wolverines ended the regular season with an 8-4 record, supplemented by a 16-10-1 overall record.

The team started the season with an unfamiliar coach, Adam Black. Black added discipline to the team, which was somewhat unorganized last season, Teasley said. Black added new training techniques that readied the team for the end of their season. The team was physically prepared for their game mainly due to Black’s coaching, Teasley said.

“[Black] made everything systemized and orderly. He helped us get ready for the season,” Teasley said. “There is no way the season should have ended like that. The bus ride back was brutally silent.”