CIF honors girls’ athletic program

By Abbie Neufeld

CIF Southern Section named the Wolverine girls’ sports program the best in Southern California with the award of the 2009-2010 Commissioners Cup. Harvard-Westlake has previously received the title twice.

Harvard-Westlake finished with 18 points, six points ahead of both runners-up, Chadwick and St. Margaret’s. Points are awarded based on the number of championships and other final appearances.

Five points were awarded for each of the three Southern Section championships won in cross country, basketball, and soccer and another three points were awarded for track and field’s runner up finish.

Basketball and cross country went on to win state championships as well.

Athletic director Terry Barnum said this award is the result of hard work over the past years.

“This speaks to the commitment and dedication of our coaches and athletes,” Barnum said.

He also said he thinks this award suggests a very bright future for girls’ athletics at Harvard-Westlake.

Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas agreed about the program’s bright future.

“You can count on Harvard-Westlake being among them in the near and long term,” he said.

He said he believes key changes in the Middle School coaching program were a big part of this successful year.

“Every championship team benefited from veteran leadership that had received great coaching as seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh graders. We succeeded this past year because hard work over the long-term always pays off.”