Two upper school deans compete in ‘Mud Run’ at Camp Pendleton

By Megan Ward

Upper School Deans Jon Wimbish and Cahn Oxelson took their marks on the starting line on June 5 alongside 6,000 other enthusiastic competitors.

The pair waited in anticipation for the 10 kilometer “mud run,” including six-foot climbing walls, a deep and murky lake, giant pipes to crawl through, and, from which the event gets its name, a 100-yard mud pit which engulfs runners in mud up to their necks.

Wimbish and Oxelson started from Camp Pendleton, a Marine Base in Oceanside, Calif.

The Mud Run is a tri-annual charity event put on at Camp Pendleton and supports “quality of life programs for Marines and their families,” according to the Camp Pendleton website.

“I like being active and exercising so for me a 10K race isn’t as fun as running a 10K race which has variants in challenges other than the mental challenge just to keep running,” Wimbish said.

Wimbish approached Oxelson about running this year.

“I had never heard about the run before [Wimbish] came and told me about it. He knew I had run a couple marathons before and knew that I liked to run,” said Oxelson, “He also knows that I am a competitive person and that I would be a good person to have on the team,” said Oxelson.

“When you are doing something really difficult sometimes it’s helpful to remember why you are doing it,” Oxelson said. “There were a couple points during the race where I thought, ‘Wow, I would really like to walk right now.’ But you start thinking about the families and the money you’re raising to support them and it gives you an extra kind of kick and push to continue.”

Wimbish and Oxelson said they have plans to form a team of Harvard-Westlake students in the future.