We’ll keep you posted

Twitter. RSS readers. iPhone applications. Facebook news feeds.

This is how we consume information in the 21st century. Gone are the days of breaking news being delivered to your doorstep each morning by the newspaper boy.

Even as a high school newspaper, we must evolve with the times. As dailies across the country have become more and more obsolete, so it follows that a monthly high school paper would have been left behind long ago.

So our point?

The Chronicle needs to keep up.

Starting now, not only will our website serve as a modern means to access our coverage but it will serve as a day-to-day conduit for the latest news at and around Harvard-Westlake.

Thanks to Web Manager Lillian Contreras’ tireless efforts, we are launching two blogs, “the quad” and “GO BIG RED,” to efficiently deliver the latest in campus and sports coverage, respectively.

Instead of having to navigate the full Chronicle website on a smartphone screen, you can load a continuously updated web page (conveniently linked from our website’s home page) for your Harvard-Westlake news.

But our emphasis on instant news doesn’t mean we will sacrifice accuracy or news judgment just to get blog post or an article on the web.

We are still The Chronicle, with all of the adjectives that bears, we are just The (faster, better, more timely) Chronicle.

—Alice Phillips ’11 and Daniel Rothberg
Editors-in- Chief