Sophomore burns hand in chem lab

By Michael Rothberg


On his first day in chemistry class, Anthony Thompson ’13 burned his hand after volunteering for a combustion demonstration.

The experiment involved pouring methanol into a water bottle and then dropping a match in, creating an explosive reaction that releases a flame upward.

When Thompson first attempted this, the match blew out before he reached the bottle. He performed the experiment again, but as soon as he dropped the match in the bottle, a burst of methane gas exploded upward and burned his hand.

“Protocol was followed. His hand was treated in the classroom and he was then seen by the athletic trainers in a follow up examination after class,” science teacher Stephanie Quan said.

Trainer Milo Sini wrapped Thompson’s hand and his mother drove him to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Thompson’s hand is now almost fully healed except for minor scarring.

“It was an interesting first day of school, but I look forward to the rest of the year,” Thompson said.