Prices go up on cafeteria entree, dairy

By Saj Sri-Kumar

Prices for some items in the cafeteria have increased by since last school year.

Cafeteria Manager Nipa Boonyamas said that prices were raised three to five percent, mainly on dairy items and entrees. For example, the price of a large entrée increased from $5.95 to $6.50.

Before this increase, Boonyamas said that prices had not changed for the previous two school years.

Despite the fact that the cafeteria is owned by an independent contractor, Health Choice Catering, the school must approve all price changes, Chief Financial Officer Rob Levin said. Head of Campus Operations JD DeMatte said that he received the list of changes from Boonyamas over the summer and said that he “felt that nothing was out-of-line.”

The price increases came as a result of increased food costs from the cafeteria’s suppliers and increases in the cost of living, Boonyamas said.