English department head takes leave of absence

By Saj Sri-Kumar

Upper School English Department Head Laurence Weber is currently taking a leave of absence due to the birth of his daughter, who was born last week.

While he is away, Weber’s classes are being taught by novelist Darcy Cosper, who previously taught at Harvard-Westlake after the mid-year departure of English teacher Eric Schrode in 2008.

Cosper will not be assuming any of Weber’s duties other than teaching his classes.

Weber said that there is “nothing pressing on the department front that needs to be addressed” while he is away.

Weber’s attendance in a meeting of the Faculty Academic Committee was covered by English teacher Jocelyn Medawar-Turner.

Weber has not taught classes this week or last, but he plans to return on Monday, Oct. 4.

Cosper said that she enjoyed teaching at Harvard-Westlake, but she also said that she found teaching in Weber’s place was “a little like a rookie player being asked to cover for Michael Jordan.”