New detention procedure encourages student reflection

By Catherine Wang 

In an effort to decrease the number of students who attend detention multiple times, Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado instituted a new detention procedure for this year.

Morning detention still lasts an hour, starting at 6:55 a.m. and ending at 7:55 p.m. Before this year, students arrived at school, sitting in a classroom looking straight ahead, for an entire hour.

This year however, students fill out a two-page form with questions aimed at forcing students to reflect on their actions.

Through a series of questions, students explain why they are in detention and what they have learned from their actions. After reading the forms, Preciado follows up with the students to discuss what actions they have taken to remedy their actions.

“It helps me learn why they are here, and what issues they may have,” he said. “It’s my way of trying to help them.”

“Hopefully, students will consider what ways to make a change,” Preciado said.

Preciado also stressed the ease with which students could avoid getting detentions, most of which are attendance related.

Preciado hopes the new detention process will make students more responsible, disciplined, and more willing to work out attendance conflicts with him.

“It has been very helpful for me to get to know students in a different capacity,” Preciado said. “It gives me more feedback.”