8th grader sings Star-Spangled Banner at NFL opening game

By Maggie Bunzel


Claire Nordstrom ’15 sang the Star Spangled Banner on Sept. 12 at the Seattle Seahawks’ first football game of the season.

She said she was invited to perform there after her grandfather sent his friends at Seattle’s Qwest Field a link of her singing “Time to Say Goodbye” with opera singer Andrea Bocelli at his induction to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nordstrom said she felt honored to sing the National Anthem at the game.

“I felt very patriotic and a part of my country,” Nordstrom said.

When she arrived in Seattle before her performance, she went into over-drive, practicing the National Anthem daily.

“I would picture how many people would be there, 70,000, and would freak out,” she said. “But after the rehearsal, I felt really good about it, and when the real thing came around, I wasn’t nervous at all.”

Nordstrom’s family is from Washington, so she grew up attending Seahawks games. Performing the National Anthem at the field was very meaningful to her, she said.