Smoothies start Friday

By Saj Sri-Kumar

A smoothie bar was opened in the Quad on Friday to a long line of students, but received mixed reviews.

The smoothie bar, named the “H-Dub Smoothie Hub,” sells three flavors of smoothies: tropical, strawberry-banana, and berry. Each costs $2.45, however the first 100 smoothies ordered on Friday were given away free as a promotion.

Before it opened on Friday morning, the smoothie bar attracted a long line of students hoping to get a free smoothie.

Students counted down the time until the bar opened at 10 a.m.

After tasting the smoothies, student reactions were mixed.

“The smoothies were good, and I love having another option in the cafeteria,” Halle Levitt ’12 said.

Blaise Ormond ’12 also liked the smoothies.

“’Tropical Thunder’ was pretty good,” he said. “I enjoyed it.”

However, some students thought the smoothies lacked flavor.

“[The smoothies] need more flavor,” Eli Kogan ’13 said. “Good idea, but bad excecution.”

“They all tasted like water banana,” Byron Lazaroff-Puck ’13 said.

The bar will be displaying various themes throughout the year. Currently, the bar has a movie-themed atmosphere and as part of the theme, the flavors have received nicknames: “Tropical Thunder” after the movie “Tropic Thunder,” “Banana Royale,” an allusion to the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” and “Berry Potter,” in reference to the Harry Potter series.

The bar was the product of a cooperative effort of the cafeteria staff and the Prefect Council. Adam Wolf ’11 initially proposed the idea of having a coffee bar in the cafeteria at a Prefect Council meeting. Brooke Levin ’12 and Chris Holthouse ’11 approached the cafeteria staff with the idea, and found out that the cafeteria staff had also thought about adding a drink bar, but proposed a smoothie bar instead.

The Prefect Council polled students over the different options for a drink bar, and found a big preference for smoothies, Levin said.