Field hockey places 3rd in final tournament

By Chelsey Taylor-Vaughn


Coming off their season as undefeated league champions, the varsity field hockey team finished third in the Los Angeles Field Hockey Association on Nov. 14 after defeating the Glendora Tartans.

The team defeated Marina who they defeated earlier in the season twice in the quarterfinals 2-1.

“My team likes to win,” said Head Coach Erin Creznic said, in response to the way her team played in their last game of the year, although they endured a big loss the day before.

Even though the team distinguished themselves as LAFHA champions, they lost in the semifinals to the Newport High School Sailors. The game came down to the very end, with both regulation and overtime over, when the ball touched Kristen Lee’s ’12 foot and went out of bounds, which is a foul.

Official field hockey rules state that even after regulation time expires the team is still allowed to play out the corner, even if there is no time left on the clock. The Sailors were allowed another chance at scoring a goal with the score tied. Adrianna Crovo ’12 blocked two of the Sailors’ shots but in the end the ball trickled into the goal, resulting in a 1-0 loss.

“Field hockey is one of those sports where the best team doesn’t always win,” Creznic said.

“It really sucks losing as a senior, because we came really close, but we came together as a family,” Chelsea Edwards ’11 said.

“It definitely hit us after the game that we didn’t get as far as we wanted to, but we are looking forward to next year,” Brigid Sofen ’12 said.