Girls’ tennis wins league

By David Kolin


On Monday, Savannah de Montesquieou ’13 defeated Kristina Park ’13 to win the Mission League singles title and Kei Goldberg ’12 and Taylor Coon ’12 won the Mission League doubles title.

After winning league last Wednesday, the girls’ tennis team will move on to the first round of CIF playoffs on Thursday, Nov. 11.

The team’s closest league match was its match against Notre Dame.The final score was 14-4. Both times the team played Flintridge Sacred Heart, the Wolverines shut them out 18-0.

Katherine Belgrad ’11 attributed the team’s success to its unique practice style.

“The way that we train, we do lots of ball drills and focus on fitnes and footwork,” Belgrad said. “We do the same warm up every single day so we are in a routine. [The routine] involves ball drills, dynamic stretching, and practicing shots with a racket but without the ball.”

The coaches schedule the toughest matches at the beginning of the season in order to prepare the girls for competitive match play, Belgrad said. As a result, the team lost three of their first four matches.

“It was kind of like a wakeup call to us. We had to focus more during practices, and the coaches made the practices a lot more rigorous,” Kei Goldberg ’12 said.

During practice the doubles teams work on coming to the net and finishing points as quickly as they can. They worked on first time put-aways, which require strong volleys.

“I think that [approaching the net] was really key to our success [through] the end of the season,” Goldberg said.

During practice they also worked on lobbign opponents at the net and hitting it about 30 feet into the air to get it over the net players.