Cone path added along Coldwater

By Rebecca Nussbaum

Security Officer Sanders Jackson created a cone walkway on Coldwater Canyon from Halkirk St. to the north entrance to protect students walking to and from school. The pathway was first created for Homecoming on Oct. 23, and after receiving positive feedback from parents, he decided to keep the cones.

He calls the path an extension of the “cone zone,” a walkway in the north entrance he previously made.

Notre Dame High School student Conor Lynch was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Oct. 19 while jogging near his school. Jackson said that the nature of the student’s death motivated him to make the Harvard-Westlake area as safe as possible for pedestrians.

Additionally, a Harvard-Westlake student was nearly hit by a car last month while walking around the corner from Halkirk St. to Coldwater Canyon.

The cones will prevent a car from taking the turn too tightly and give students who are dropped off on Halkirk St. room to safely walk to school, Jackson said. They will also inhibit cars from parking on the east side of Coldwater Canyon.

In the past, this has been problematic because parked cars forced students to walk into traffic.

Students walk to Ventura Blvd. after school, especially on Mondays before Peer Support. Jackson said he had their safety in mind when creating the path. The walkway is also helpful to the cross country team when they run off campus, since it gives them room to safely turn onto Coldwater Canyon, Jackson said.