Seniors exhibit experimental art

By Chloe Lister, Mariel Brunman and Jamie Chang

A new art show was mounted in the Feldman-Horn gallery last week consisting of pieces created by members of the senior drawing classes.

Arthur Tobias’ Drawing and Painting III students made embossed and black ink printed self-portraits in the collographic printing method for their projects. Tobias encouraged experimentation with nature and other unconventional materials when making their prints, resulting in more individualized products.

Marianne Hall’s AP Studio Art and Drawing and Painting III students contributed work from two projects for the show. The first was a self-portrait project in which students could work in whatever media they wanted and had to portray how they felt at the beginning of their senior year, and the second was an “inside out” spacial drawing meant to challenge the seniors’ use of detail, light, shadows and ability to analyze the inside and outside of the Feldman-Horn studio. They were instructed to experiment with positive and negative space using only black and white.

“We hadn’t done specifically a perspective project before, but I ended up really liking it so that was a good experience,” Melanie Borinstein ’11 said.

Alex Valdez ’11 chose to portray her uncertainty about her senior year of high school in her self portrait, using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

“I loved this project because it was really the first one where we got complete creative freedom to do something, and I love the way mine turned out because I had that freedom,” Valdez said.

A film is also being screened in the gallery, made by Jake Gutman ’10, Jake Lasker ’10 and Henry Mantel ’10. The film is called “Senioritis” and is the story of a student attempting to have the “perfect senior year.”

“It’s a really good thing to have the show because art doesn’t get much press,” Melissa Gertler ’11 said. “It’s good because it’s an opportunity for students to come together and show or see what they’ve done.”