High Stakes: Chapter 4

By Catherine Wang

Alexis the Athlete:

Alexis has submitted her Early Action application and financial aid application to St. Mary’s College. The Early Application deadline is Nov. 15.

She finds out her admissions decision in mid-December and finds out about her financial aid package in February.

She talks to the St. Mary’s head coach and assistant coach often, she said.

Currently Madison is putting her regular decision college list together, which as of now definitely includes Emory University.

Aiden the All-Around:

Though he did not submit any early applications, Aiden is “comfortable” with where he is in his application process.

He finished his personal essay for the Common application Nov. 5.

“It was exciting,” he said. “I’m almost done with writing essays.”

He plans on applying to 10 schools regular decision. All of the schools he is applying to have application deadlines in either December or January.

He hopes to finish his University of Southern California application shortly, since he can use his Common application essay for its application.

He has started his University of Michigan supplement and will submit it soon, since its admissions are rolling.

Madison the Performer:

Madison* submitted her Early Decision application to Wesleyan University Oct. 26, and her Early Action application to Emerson College Oct. 30. Both schools’ early application deadlines were Nov. 1. Submitting her application felt “super duper,” she said.

Madison compared the college search to finding a boyfriend. Shoot too high and risk being rejected or aim too low and risk being miserable for four years, she said.

Though she hopes she chose the “perfect boyfriend,” and is accepted to her Early Decision school, she has to prepare for the worst. She plans on applying to about seven more schools, including Vassar College and Kenyon College.

Right now, she is busy with two performances and is still enjoying the college admissions process.

Carter the Brain:

Despite plans to apply early to the California Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago, Carter* only submitted his Massachusetts Institute of Technology Early Action application.

“A week to two before the deadline, I felt my efforts would be better served to focus on one application instead of three,” he said.

Though acceptance to MIT will not end his application process, it will reduce the amount of schools he applies to by two thirds, he said. He wants to finish most of his applications before Dec. 15, when he finds out his admissions decision. Finishing one application has shown him what he needs to focus on for upcoming applications.

“I’m getting much more efficient because I know exactly what takes the most time and what I can do most efficiently,” he said. “My efficiency amid my homework and classes is going to


be much greater.”

Zoe the Artist:

Zoe* submitted her Early Decision application to New York University and her Early Action application to Emerson College after school on Oct. 28.

“It was nerve-wracking,” she said. “I was scared something would go wrong or that the computer would freeze.”

Submitting her application was “somewhat of a relief,” but she will not be slacking off this month.

She is currently working on compiling portfolios for University of Southern California and Wesleyan University. She plans on applying to upwards of five or six other schools regular decision.