Teachers sell pottery, soaps

Chronicle Staff

By Michael Rothberg


A faculty arts and crafts sale featuring art by art teacher Dylan Palmer and Art Tobias and handmade soaps by science teacher Wendy Van Norden was held on Dec. 10 in the faculty lounge.

Tobias, who organized the event, uses the art room’s potter’s wheels to create multitudes of clay pieces when he is not teaching.

He sells much of his art at private sales but decided to sell some of his pieces this year to the faculty and staff at the sale. Tobias featured many of his recent pieces, including a mold of his hand along with several mugs, bowls and pitchers.

“I like to make things for people to use,” Tobias said. “I am re-inspired by people’s enthusiasm for my pieces.”

Rather than having to manage the purchases, Tobias placed a pot with a sign instructing people to pay for the items they buy. Tobias said he trusted people to abide by the honor code and pay the respective prices for the pieces.

“Of course the honor system of payment worked. I can’t imagine for a moment that anyone on the faculty would take advantage of such a system,” Van Norden said.

“We all sold a lot of our pieces,” Tobias said. “Ms. Van Norden’s soaps sold out almost immediately. The event went really well.”