Art of Dance I & II perform combined show

Chronicle Staff

By Claire Hong

The Art of Dance I and the Art of Dance II classes performed in the dance studio Dec. 14 for their combined showcase. The dances from their performance were created based on in-class assignments and also on the students’ own ideas, with help from dance teacher Katie Lowry ’99.

“It was an equal balance. Our teacher choreographed a little and helped in the process, but students did a lot too,” Erin Pindus ’13 said. “It was great to work with everybody and to express yourself creatively. It’s fun to work with your friends.”

Although they have been working on their dances since the beginning of the year, it was only until the past month that students began rehearsing for the show. Rehearsal is mostly in class, but both classes also had one after school rehearsal.

“A lot of us also come in to work during free periods,” Conor Cook ’13 said.

“I have really enjoyed choreographing dances this year,” Cook said. “It’s a lot of fun seeing a piece come together and be ready for the showcase.”