Fencer places 2nd in Austrian contest

Chronicle Staff

By Michael Sugerman

Raymond Schorr ’13 won second place in an international fencing tournament in Austria over the weekend of Oct. 30.

Schorr, who has been fencing in the épée style of fencing for five years, is the number one ranked fencer in the nation for his age group this season, though he is ranked third overall.

“Competing internationally is really nerve-wracking and intense, much more so than competing in America,” Schorr said. “I’d been training every day for a month beforehand.”

Schorr currently fences at the SWORDS Fencing Studio, the largest fencing club in California and is coached by SWORDS founder Tigran Shaginian, a four-time Russian national champion and a member of the Soviet delegation to the 1984 Goodwill Games Pentathlon.

Other than his recent competition in Austria, Schorr has also fenced in France and Sweden.

Schorr may be elected to the national fencing team, his mother Shu-mei Shih said, and will find out in late February whether or not he will be chosen to compete in the Fencing World Championships in Jordan this April.