School measures campus car traffic to facilitate construction

Chronicle Staff

Lara Sokoloff

In order to measure the traffic flow in and out of school, cars were counted as they entered and exited Harvard-Westlake on Jan. 27. The data will be used in future construction projects including construction of the Kutler Center, Head of Campus Operations JD DeMatte said.

Cars are typically counted for one day from early morning until late afternoon on a day of normal traffic flow, DeMatte said.

Harvard-Westlake hired an out-of-school company specializing in traffic consulting to collect the data needed for new construction. The data was assembled manually by hired trackers. The trackers created detailed accounts of the traffic flow, noting how many cars entered school, in addition to whether they entered from a left-hand or right-hand turn, DeMatte said.

The data, which indicates traffic patterns and amount of traffic flow, is required by the city whenever undergoing a major construction project, DeMatte said.