Advanced Dance designs March show

Chronicle Staff

By Arielle Maxner

The dancers of Advanced Dance II will perform their annual concert on March 4, 5 and 6 in Rugby Theater.

“The show this year is really focusing on bringing our community together,” said Cyndy Winter, teacher of Advanced Dance II.

“It’s exciting because I’ve never been in a company that works like this before; it’s pushing me into uncharted and sometimes uncomfortable territory that is essential for a young dancer,” Asha Jordan ’12, a dancer in the show, said.

The theme of the show remains a mystery, but Jordan said that this show is so unlike anything that has been done before.

“In my opinion, everyone in the audience can relate to this show. It’ll take everyone back to their childhood,” she said.

“It’s really all types of choreography: ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop. It’s everything.”

Winter has also had Matthew Krumpe ’08, an intern from UCLA, to help her organize the show this year. Krumpe mainly takes care of producing duties, helping with posters, programs and props.

“There will be many surprise performances,” Winter said.