4 debaters compete with national team in Turkey, New Zealand

By Wendy Chen

Three students are competing in a New Zealand debate tournament this month, while one student has recently returned from a debate tournament held in Turkey.Ben Sprung-Keyser ’11, Miranda Van Iderstine ’13 and Elle Wilson ’13 are currently debating in a tournament in New Zealand until Feb. 20.

Luke Holthouse ’13 competed in an international debate tournament held in Istanbul, Turkey in January. Fifty teams, representing more than 20 different countries, competed in the Eurasian Schools Debate Championship. The World Schools Debating Council organized the competition.

On Jan. 25, a day before second semester began, Holthouse left for Istanbul. Holthouse, along with five other debaters, represented the United States. The students were split into two teams of three.

“I had always wanted to visit Istanbul, so when our coach offered me a spot on one of the two teams going to the ESDC, I was very excited,” Holthouse said.

At ESDC, one round dealt with single sex education or coeducation. Holthouse’s team, which argued for coeducation, lost to Romania’s team.

Holthouse’s team won four rounds and lost four rounds. The team didn’t advance to the elimination rounds, but the second team representing the United States did. Both placed in the top 20.