Security increases surveillance of student cars parked on Halkirk

By Ingrid Chang

Due to complaints from neighbors, the security staff has started to more strictly monitor illegal student parking on Halkirk and place warning stickers on cars that are blocking driveways.

Students are given warnings, and if it becomes a frequent problem their cars may be towed.

However, Head of Security Jim Crawford said they have not had a problem reach that level yet.

The security staff has also increased their monitoring on Halkirk because of a rise in crime in the area, and are planning to install cameras overlooking the street.

Residents on Halkirk report to the school if students’ cars are blocking their driveways.

“Technically we can have somebody tow the car, especially if it’s blocking someone’s driveway or blocking the street where people can’t turn,” Crawford said. “But if it’s parked legally, we can’t do anything about it.”

“Potentially we could, if it becomes a habit, we could take away privileges of driving to school or we could talk to the parents but we’ve never gone down that road at all; most of the students comply,” he said.

Security staff monitors the street four to five times a day. According to weekly reports on crime activity near the school, there have been a lot of thefts and robberies lately, Crawford said.

Their concern is that students’ cars might be broken into, Crawford said.

“We have patrols out there to see what activity is going on, and we’re also going to be installing cameras high on top of poles so we can see onto Halkirk and Coldwater Canyon.”

With the installation of the new cameras, security will be able to more closely monitor the streets where students park.

Plans for installation are still in the works, Crawford said.

Some will be placed on top of trees alongside the fenceline of Ted Slavin Field.