Thieves break into cars on upper school campus

By Cami de Ry


Two cars were broken into on campus on Feb. 1. Windows were smashed on cars belonging to Athletic Director and swimming coach Darlene Bible and a parent.

Their purses were snatched from the passenger seat during the girls’ water polo game against Marymount and girls’ basketball game against Chaminade. This was the first on-campus problem security has had with burglary.

The cars were parked in the two closest spots to the street before the spike strips. The area had an opening covered with brush from the street side, which made an easy pathway for burglars to run out of their car and quickly grab the bags, Head of Security Jim Crawford said.

“We thought only students and faculty knew about the opening,” Crawford said.

Security immediately boarded up the opening. A permanent fence will be installed this week. Cameras around the Harvard-Westlake entrance driveway are also being installed, he said.

The North Hollywood division of the Los Angeles Police Department has reported an increase in the number of burglaries in the area.

Crawford said that less than 15 minutes after the break-ins, Bible’s credit card was used.