Security upgrades cameras around upper school campus

By Daniel Kim

The security cameras in the quad were upgraded to newer and more sensitive cameras during winter break and over the last couple of weeks.

“These upgraded cameras are a little more sensitive and detailed at night,” Head of Security Jim Crawford said. “They give bigger pictures, clearer pictures. They’re mainly for nights to make sure that we can keep intruders off our campus at night.”

Approximately 30 upgraded cameras are placed all around campus, Crawford said. The upgrade was part of an ongoing process to improve the security of the school, especially at night.

“If you walk around the quad and look up on the sides of the buildings, you’ll see these big, canister-styled lights,” Crawford said. “They look like lights but they have a ring of LED lights around the outside and there’s a camera in the middle of them. You can’t miss them.”

Some of the cameras can be found on the walls of Chalmers and Munger. The cameras on Chalmers look down on the quad and provide a thorough coverage of it.

The cameras provide a live feed as well as recordings which help the security guards maintain surveillance of the entire campus.

“We’re adding cameras basically so that we can keep track of things at night because we only have one to two people at night and it is a lot of area to cover,” Crawford said. “When there is motion in the area, the camera goes on. The security guard just needs to see what the motion was that caused the camera to go off.”

Crawford wants to set up cameras in places outside school to watch over parked cars around campus.