Costa appears in ‘90210’

By Maddy Baxter

Bookstore associate Allie Costa appeared on the Feb. 7 episode of CW Network’s television show ‘90210’.

“‘90210’ is not the biggest role that I have had but it is definitely the most accessible,” Costa said. She has played a variety of roles and has appeared in films, television and theater. Currently, Costa is trying to break into the commercial business.

On the Feb. 7 episode, Costa plays a high school student who responds, “I think so” when asked if Naomi Clark, the most popular girl in school, just said hi to her and a fellow student.

Costa typically plays young teenagers and recently landed a role as a middle school student, she said.

Costa attended her audition for “90210” on a Monday.

On the following Wednesday, her agent received a call that they were interested in Costa for the part and to ensure that she would remain available for the next two weeks.

On Thursday, Costa was officially offered the role and the next day, she was filming on the “90210” set.

“It was a really fun day,” Costa said.

She was given her own trailer and went through wardrobe fitting and hair and makeup.

Costa was asked to bring some of her own clothes to set and wore her own blue bracelet during filming.

As a result of her role on “90210”, Costa was able to get her American Federation of Television and Radio Artists card. This now allows her to act in parts that are either Screen Actors Guild or AFTRA, she said.

“Acting is what I was born to do and I love the challenge,” Costa said. “I came out of the womb talking; it just wasn’t coherent.”